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Drayton Park Golf Club recognises that England Golf and the R&A have made great efforts in recent years to ensure golf becomes a more inclusive and progressive sporting activity. We at Drayton Park Golf Club want to get the balance of being modern and progressive whilst still honouring the traditional values of the golf Club.

This revision of the dress code seeks to acknowledge the points outlined above but more importantly with any dress code the guiding principles are the spirit in which we expect members to uphold the standards of the Club. These principles are:

All members who wish to play on the golf course must be dressed in a clean, smart and presentable manner at all times.
In the Club House members are expected to follow the appropriate dress code rules for the Bar, Lounge and Patio areas, always being smart and presentable.


Generally speaking, all branded golf attire will be acceptable on the course, however where there is no specific mention in this policy a member will be expected to confirm with the Pro Shop any item of clothing is acceptable that is not outlined below.

Men’s tailored trousers including, shorts, plus two’s and plus fours are permitted throughout the year.

Only tailored shorts that should be knee length are permitted (definition: - must consist of waistband, fly and internal pockets). Shorts with cargo pockets are not acceptable. Socks worn with shorts must be white, can be ankle or trainer sock length with limited visible logos. Knee length socks are permitted when worn with plus two’s and fours.

Jeans & casual shorts/trousers or trousers with rivets are not permitted on the course at any time.

Ladies Shorts must be tailored and be of acceptable length. Socks worn with shorts must be white can be ankle or trainer sock length with limited visible logos.

Ladies tailored skirts are permitted but must be an acceptable length

Collared/turtleneck shirts with sleeves (Ladies may be sleeveless) are acceptable. Shirts/blouses must be tucked inside trousers or shorts (with the exception of Ladies which may be worn outside of waist), note: wingless and reduced collars are acceptable

Branded golf hoodies are acceptable on the course, at no time should the hoods be worn up.

Golf shoes must have soft spikes or dimpled soles (hard spikes not permitted).

Hats must be worn in the correct manner (Brim forward).

Non-golf shoes or trainers are not permitted, although an exception can be made for on golf introduction days

The following are NOT acceptable on the course – Football/Rugby and other similar shirts, t-shirts without collar, tracksuits, jeans, leggings, beach wear, cargo trousers, calf length trousers.

Trousers must not be tucked into socks unless hidden by waterproofs.

Where we are seeking new members through induction days, the dress code can be relaxed


Smart casual is the order for non-function days; Jeans are permitted but must be clean, presentable and not torn or ripped.

Golf shoes are NOT permitted in the Lounge or rear bar.  (Definition – golf shoes or any shoes which have or will be taken onto the course)

Smart. clean Deck shoes, Trainers and Sandals are acceptable, but Flip-Flops, Sliders & Crocs and similar are unacceptable.

Tailored shorts are permitted in all rooms throughout the year.

Shirts/Blouses must be tucked into waistband unless shirt/blouse is designed to be worn outside, golf shirts must always be worn inside waistband with the exception of Ladies which may be worn outside of waistband. Golf branded hoodies are permitted.

The following items must NOT be worn in the Club house: - outdoor waterproofs, Football/Rugby and other similar shirts, vests, t-shirts without collar, cargo trousers, tracksuits, beach, athletic, swimming shorts or similar.

Hats and head gear must not be worn in the Club house unless for religious beliefs.


Golf shoes off the course can be worn on the patio, but they must be cleaned using the equipment available prior to seating.

With the exception of the golf shoes, dress code for the Patio follows the Club House rules.


For formal Club functions Captains and Presidents past and present are encouraged to wear the Club Jacket and Tie for gentlemen and Jacket and Brooch for Ladies.

All the attendees are required to follow the dress code that is stipulated for Club functions and theme nights. If unsure smart casual will prevail.


As these are non-member functions no dress code applies, however the Club would encourage smart casual wherever possible.


The guide attached as an appendix provides a bulleted view of the above and will be displayed around the Clubhouse. This policy documents will go onto the website.

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