Drayton Park Golf Club

Dress Code

Dress Code 


Men’s tailored trousers including, shorts, plus two’s and plus fours are permitted throughout the year.

Shorts must be tailored shorts (definition:- must consist of waistband, fly and internal pockets) and must be accompanied with visible white sports/ankle socks and the shorts should be generally knee length.

Jeans, Shorts/Trousers with cargo pockets are not permitted on the course at any time.

Ladies Shorts must be tailored and be of acceptable length with visible white sports/ankle socks.

Collared/turtle neck shirts with sleeves (Ladies may be sleeveless) are acceptable. Shirts/blouses must be tucked inside trousers or shorts (with the exception of Ladies which may be worn outside of waist), note: wingless and reduced collars are acceptable

Golf shoes must have soft spikes or dimpled soles (hard spikes not permitted).

Hats must be worn in the correct manner (Brim forward).

Mobile phones must be switched off and only used for on course emergencies, unless when used with a GPS application and then only in silent mode.

Non-golf shoes or trainers are not permitted, although an exception can be made for on golf introduction days

The following are NOT acceptable – Football shirts, T-shirts, Tracksuits, Beach wear, Cargo trousers, calf length trousers.

Trousers must not be tucked into socks unless hidden by waterproofs, and hats must be worn the correct way round.

Mobile phones (unless being used as a GPS app) must be switched off on the course and this includes the top practice ground and the putting green, and can only be used in case of on-course emergencies. When emergencies happen the first call should be to 999 and the second call to the pro shop,

In the Club House

Smart casual is the order for non-function days; Jeans are permitted but must be clean, presentable and not torn or ripped.

Golf shoes are not permitted in the Lounge or rear bar.  (Definition – golf shoes or any shoes which have or will be taken onto the course)

Deck shoes and Sandals are acceptable, but flip-flops are unacceptable.

Tailored shorts are permitted in all rooms thought the year, but must have visible white ankle/sports socks or coloured knee length socks.  

Shirts/Blouses must be tucked into waistband unless shirt/blouse is designed to be worn outside (golf shirts must always be worn inside waistband).

Jeans may be worn in the clubhouse but must be smart, clean and must not be ripped or have holes.

Mobile phones must be kept on silent and may be answered but conversations must be conducted only in designated areas which are in the Foyer, Changing rooms, smoking hut and NOT on the patio area.

The following items must not be worn in the club house: - outdoor waterproofs, Football shirts, vests, T-shirts cargo trousers, shell suits, beach, athletic, swimming shorts.

Hats and head gear must not be worn in the club house unless for religious beliefs.

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