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Drayton Park Golf Club  - Social Media Policy


This policy sets out Drayton Park Golf Club’s expectations on the use of social media websites.


To ensure Drayton Park Golf Club Members understand the guiding principles and terms of use of social media websites and to encourage the development of an understanding of both the benefits and constraints in using social media.

Guiding Principle

When any individual joins Drayton Park Golf Club they are expected to behave appropriately, in ways that are consistent with Drayton Park Golf Club values and policies.


This policy covers all forms of social media and applies to Drayton Park Golf Club Members. It does not apply to personal use of social media websites when the Member:

Is not identifiable as a Member of Drayton Park Golf Club;
Makes no reference to Drayton Park Golf Club or issues relating to Drayton Park Golf Club


Drayton Park Golf Club Members: Volunteers, employees and any individual authorized to represent the Club.
 Use of social media websites: Any online activity where information is shared by an individual that might affect Members or Drayton Park Golf Club.


All current responsibilities of Drayton Park Golf Club Members remain in force when using social media websites. Online activity:

Must not be used as a formal correspondence to the Board or Management. Note: Inappropriate correspondences will be removed. The Board and Management will not reply using social media.
Must not interfere with club operational commitments;
Must not contain or link to libellous, defamatory or harassing content, including by way of examples, illustration or use of nicknames;
Must not contain or link to pornographic or indecent content;
Must not comment on or publish information that is confidential or proprietary to Drayton Golf Club or its affiliates;
Must not bring the organization into disrepute.

 It is not appropriate to share club-related information in unauthorized social media forums without approval from the The Board and Management . Members must be considerate to other Members, Staff and Club and must remove information about a Member or the Club when requested by the Member or the Club

Under no circumstance should offensive comments be made about Drayton Park Golf Club, Members and Staff online. This is deemed to be a disciplinary matter.

Breach of Policy

A breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action as outlined by the Club’s Disciplinary Policy


If a comment is made about the club or an individual member or employee that is deemed to be derogatory then in the first instance the The Board will approach the member and ask for an explanation.

Subject to a suitable explanation the member will first have the opportunity to offer an apology on the same media platform or delete the post in its entirety.

If the explanation is regarded as unsatisfactory or the comment or post made is considered very serious in the first place the matter will be passed to The Board to follow the Disciplinary Policy.

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